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10 Brilliant Blogs about Lolita Fashion


10 Brilliant Lolita Fashion Blogs

Hey, Lolita girls, if you are want to get inspir ed and learn more about Lolita fashion, there are some brilliant blogs on Lolita fashion, I think, you will never miss.  Here, we will recommend 10 brilliant blogs on Lolita fashion to you. The owners of these brilliant blogs are professional, creative, confident, and just all-around inspiring, they will surely help you know more Lolita fashion as well as get inspired. 

Note: In no particular order, below are the 10 brilliant blogs on Lolita fashion:



F Yeah Lolita is a Lolita fasion blog where you can find many valueble information on Lolita fashion including posts on Lolita dress collections, Lolita tips and tutorials and everything in between. The owner of this blog is a Lolita from US, she's been a  fan of Lolita since the early 2000's and has been dressing in Lolita, for reals, since about 2005


Parfait Doll is a "a blog about fashion and unicorns, feminism and pastel hair, and the guts to be a princess in the 21st century." Amen to that! This is owned by a lady whose name befits a princess, Victoria Suzanne. She is a model and a lover of all things cute. Her blog is a wonderful read for things related to Lolita lifestyle, where to shop for cute stuff, and everything else any girl will find ultra-adorable.

3.  LOLITA & the city

Lolita and the City was created as a resource for Lolitas and local New Yorkers alike who had a flair for the kitschy and cute side of NYC. New York City is known for it's flashiness of Times Square, the stateliness of the Empire State Building, the media flair of Radio City and Rockefellar. However what about the side of New York City that appeals to Lolitas? New York City is a fashion capital so it's no wonder that Lolitas want to enjoy this fast-paced city as well. 

4.  Make Lovely

Make Lovely was created by Megan, a cute girl who has been interested in Lolita fashion for over six years. In her blog, you can find Lolita tips and pictures and general ramblings for your reading pleasure. Megan sew a bit of her own clothing, she's big into offbrand finds and love a good sale! Most of her posts will just be about the fashion and general lifestyle discussion.


5.  Hello Batty

This blog was created by Kathryn, a 24 year old Lolita born and raised in Arizona. This blog is a place for Kathryn to share her life and passions for fashion, photography, cooking, cosplay, and above all Maid Cafes! Once you know this blog, I belive you will like it. 


6.  Geisha Baby

Geisha Baby is a Lolita fashion blog created by Laura. Laura loves fashion, especially alternative and Japanese street fashion so you'll find stuff about Lolita, Gyaru, Goth, etc. in her blog as well as beauty, crafting, geekery and more! 


7.   Lolitas

Lolitas was created on 2005, it is one of Swedens largest design-blogs with over 50 000 visitors every month. Daily updates about interior design, lifestyle, photography and more since 2005. You can find many useful information on Lolita fashion there. Trust us, it is a great blog that is worth reading!


8.  Her Curious Elegance

This blog was created by Raegan Quinn who was born May 5th, 1988 in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland. In her teenage years she moved to America and has since been loving her new home. She became an every-day-lolita in 2008 when she decided to stop wearing the fashion only occasionally and start including it into her daily wardrobe. Since then loli fashion has become a big part of her life, so much so that she started the blog Her Curious Elegance in 2009 so that she'd have an outlet for all of her frilly thoughts.


9.  Blackkoi

The owner of this blog is a J-fashion lover. Cosmetic addictManga fanBoard game enthusiast. Lurker. ❤ floral prints, lace, bows, pearls & shoes. In her blog, you will find many interesting posts about J-fashion such as Lolita fashion.


10.  Rosa Nitida

Rosa Nitida is a fashion blog created in 2010 by a Finnish aristocrat/lolita who in the name of developing her own style and becoming better wanted to share her thoughts with other people interested in same subjects. The blog hasn't been very actively updating before, but there will be more updates atleast once a month surrounding subjects like sewing, commissions, tutorials, my own outfits etc. For now the entries in this blog have been dealing with subjects like Aristocratic fashion and lolita.