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Beautiful and colorful wigs play an important role in parties, comic cons, anime events, tea partys, and daily life too, combined with lolita clothes and cosplay costumes, making an easy while beautiful new look. Here’s a summary about lolita wigs, princess hairpieces.

Check our princess wigs styles available.

Tips about Princess Pretty Lolita Wigs Shopping

1)The wigs shown in our images are photos of real wigs – what you see will be what you get. However, you need to comb the wigs, especially the wavvy or curly styles, to make it puffy. Wigs need your attention and care to look its best.

If you feel the wigs too curly, comb while blow it with hair dryer could help.

2)Wigs front bangs are cut and styled by us same as image. We do that on plastic model’s, so the head shape may not be exactly same. You may need to further organize it to realize best effects.

If you prefer bangs not cut, just leave us a note at Comment area when checkout.

3) Check our description for wigs length and removable parts.

4)We try our best to make the wigs color in photos look same as real ones, but we view the images from different screens, slight color deviation can't be avoided.

5)Wigs are made with high quality Japanese synthetic fiber, good to stand 180-200 °C Celcius. It could be ironed or blowed, but can’t be dyed.

How to Wear Wigs

How to Wear Wig

Synthetic Fiber Wigs Care

1)Pull shampoo into cold water, wash the wig gently, dry it with towel.

2)Don’t comb hairpiece when it’s wet or water dripping. For long wigs, comb the hair ends first, then from top to bottom, will prevent the wig furry.

3)Don’t hang wig when it’s wet, especially for curly styles. This will influence the curly/wavvy effects.

4)After wig full dry, comb it carefully back to original design.

5)When wear wigs, avoid comb it often with fingers, or it will be easy to become "furry", not feel so smooth.

6)You could use curlers to style the wig.

7)Save it at dry and air-breathing place.

How to Wash Wigs

Check our princess wigs styles available.