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Measure Guide for Clothes

FAQs and Tips for measuring:

1)Q: What's the difference between body measures and clothes measures?

    A: Clothes measures often need to be 4cm bigger than body measures at bust, waist, upper arm girth, hip girth, to make a comfortable fit.

2)Q: For custom tailor, should I give body measures or clothes measures?

    A: We will treat the measures we got as body measures by default. We will add extra space if needed. If you prefer to give us clothes measures, please note us when order.

3)For tall girls, or girls with long torso, please note us your shoulder to waist length, measured from front through the bust.

4)You could measure with underwear or tight shirt on.

5)For ideal dress length, we refers to: shoulder to where you want the skirt to ends, so it includes the top half. This is mainly for the jumper, one piece and salopette.

1)From previous experience, it's more accurate to convert using your daily wear size. Our size is Europe size.

2)For foot length and width, please stand bare foot on floor/a piece of paper, stand straight, and have someone else draw the marks for you, then measure the distance between the marks.